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Lumber series-QFM100x35

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Brand: qdlvke
size: QFM45*14
color: brown
Price: Discuss
Min.Order Quantity: 100 sqm
Supply Ability: 20000 sqm
Delivery Detail: Delivery within 3 days from the date of payment.
Place of Origin: China / ShanDong
Date Of Expiry: Long-term effective
Update Time: 2015-09-24 16:24
Hits: 1504
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 PVC ceiling profiles are in the middle of honeycomb hollow, enclosed on both sides of the plate, there is molding of high population and slugs. Surface decorated with monochrome and pattern two, magnolia imitation imitation marble pattern there other patterns, can choose according to design requirements.
Common types of wooden decorative materials
Now the market can often see the wood decorative material is various wood-based panels, artificial decorative panels, moldings and assembling wooden floors
l) is the use of wood-based panels wood-based panels of wood, wood fiber, wood particles or other plant fiber as raw material, adding additives, adhesives and other sheet steel. The main varieties of wood-based panels are veneer, plywood, block board, fiberboard and particleboard.
Plywood: Plywood is glued together by the three or more monopoles. Broadleaf village consists of a plywood plywood glue two kinds of conifers village.
Fibreboard: Fibreboard is a wood, bamboo, or other crop stalks and other plant fibers from the processing of wood-based panels. Fiberboard divided according to the performance of different hardboard, hardboard and semi-soft fiberboard three. Particleboard: Particleboard, also known as particle board, wood particles are used as the main raw material, applying glue materials, additives collectively made by pressing a thin sheet. By pressing method can be squeezed into particleboard particleboard, platen Particleboard II.
Blockboard: core planks stitched together, the nature of the two surfaces to glue veneer of solid sheet, commonly known as Daixinban. Broken wood: wood processing with odd bits, the chopped, dried, mixed with glue, hot pressing.
Excelsior board: also known as the Manley panel (cement particle board), is the use of wood scraps, machines dig into wood wool, soaked through chemical solutions, then mixing cement, into the molding pressure, hot steam, freezing, drying from.
(2) artificial veneer artificial decorative panels include decorative thin wood veneer and lacquer architectural decorative panels. Decorative thin wood veneer: a new advanced decorative material, it is the use of rare species, such as smoke, ash, willow, etc. according to the present through precision sliced ​​into thin chips 0.2-0.5mm thickness to plywood substrate, the use of advanced technology making adhesives and adhesive made.
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