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Wood powder with plastic mix to produce ecological qualitative data analysis

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 Wood powder with plastic mix to produce ecological qualitative data

It's hard to imagine to add plastic wood powder materials such as plastic materials to produce after real wood. And this kind of product has a special advantage, is the different between solid wood products and plastic products. This product not only have the original wood texture attractive and echoes the log materials on the texture, waterproof, moisture proof, anticorrosive, insect-resistant, fire prevention, resistant to acid and alkali. Say it is not surprising that being strong of performance, but the strange thing is This product has been claimed to be the new environmental protection material at home and abroad. In fact, this kind of special material in the industry has a professional name, called wood plastic material, also known as "ecological wood".

The emergence of ecological wood say less in the domestic market with the 67 years, during which causes a lot of also to be engaged in research and development of ecological wood ecological wood production and sales of large and small manufacturers. Guangdong ecological wood is the present domestic the most advanced technology of the base of ecological wood, notably the panyu district LanHe Town best green village industrial zone of ecological wood production bases. By the end of August this year, the wood guy ecological wood has more than 7000000 tons of production ecological wood materials. These material products greatly for China's timber import and white waste degradation to reduce the pressure on. Wood guy enterprise who always said, 10000 tons of ecological wood materials can consume 4000 ~ 5000 tons of waste plastics, and the same old fiber; At the same time, every tons of ecological wood products production, will reduce the trees down a 10 years old, at the same time reduce 0.25 kg of carbon dioxide emissions.

When asked by reporters why think of business to engage in ecological wood, who said he always do business of plates at first, but in a chance on business opportunity to contact to the ecological wood. Later as ecological wood industry, domestic ecological wood manufacturer also begins to increase gradually. Don't think ecological may be a substitute for wood is in short supply in the future, so decisively abandoned his reigning plate business, beginning in 2005 to ecological research and development of wood products.

Panyu district LanHe Town green village industrial zone, the wood guy ecological wood production workshop, the workers are busy waste plastics cleaning, crushing, and then mixed with wood powder and so on together. The other side of the production line, after high temperature, adding additives forming into a model of material immediately becomes a floor, railings, columns and other ecological wood products.

Come out of the workshop, product display, all of the space is decorated with different products of ecological wood, ceiling, floor, wall panel, shutters, grille, pillars, to the bridge, a chair, have adopted the ecological wood material, modeling is simple and beautiful colors, exquisite outside also sending out the strange light.
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