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The relationship between dry wood powder and foaming

   Date:2016-04-20  Author:Admin  Views:382
 In order to study the material drying processing of wood powder in effect on the extrusion molding, we at predetermined plan mixing line 6 kinds of experimental formula contrast experiment, the wood powder in formula 1 ~ 4 of them after drying process, the final moisture content is about 3% ~ 3%;And the wood powder in the formula 5 ~ 6 without drying, moisture content is above 10%.According to the set of extrusion process parameters line extrusion experiment, the experiment has the following phenomena:

Formula 2, 3 wood powder after drying treatment, coming out of the extruder of sheet is good, good foaming degree, core layer is flocculent and uniform bubble hole; Knot cortex shiny surface and high hardness, thickness in 0. 5 mm ~ 0. 8 mm, easy traction; The density is about 0. 63 g/cm3 in formula 5, 6, wood powder dry, extrusion process of water to escape, feel plank damp, core soft pulp, bubble hole and small size; Cortex thin surface, the traction brittle; The density is about 0.74 g/cm3.From the experimental phenomena analysis, wood powder contains a small amount of moisture in the material extrusion process, can have the effect of foaming agent, the host screw tubes with water is heated to form in the release of gas of foaming agent, so forming products can be evenly bubble hole, improve the degree of foam, reduces the density of the products; And when the moisture content over 10% wood powder, the water vapor heat cannot discharge in time, too much in the material, reduces the viscosity of the material, destroyed the uniform bubble hole which is formed by the foaming agent, makes products, bubble hole sizes began to still have a lot of water vapor in the die head export escape, affected the surface crust, traction fracture easily. Through the experiment, we conclude the deal with wood powder 迚 line dry processing, conducive to. its, increase the degree of foaming and reduce the density of the conclusion.

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