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The selection of foaming agent and function

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 Because of PE plasticizing temperature within 160 ℃ ~ 190 ℃, so the selecion should be considered when the foaming agent in the plastic and the PE plasticizing temperature close to the decomposition temperature, so as to guarantee the normal PE plasticizing foaming agent will not advance in the process of decomposition, after analysis of the choice of the current widely used AC foaming agent, it belongs to organic chemical foaming agent, decomposition temperature is 160 ℃ 200 ℃, gas evolution of 220 mL/g. According to the gas evolution of AC foaming agent for polyethylene density from 0. 9 g/cm3 ~ 0196 g/cm3 to 0. 6 g/cm3 ~ 0. 7 g/cm3, the calculation in every 100 PE need to join the two AC foaming agent, can produce enough gas to form products in uniform bubble hole, effectively reduce the density of products. This done through the above formula are well by experiment. In the study of polyethylene/wood powder composite foaming, the addition of AC foaming agent plays a very important role. Because it is different from the market development and application of early wood plastic composite extrusion products, although with the highest level of wood powder is only 30%, lower than wood plastic composite extrusion products of wood powder adding quantity 60% ~ 80%, but the role of foam makes its products can reduce 20% ~ 45%, the density of 016 g/cm3 ~ 0. 7 g/cm3, closer to the density of wood, with the advantages of alternative wood;

At the same time also makes the unit quality raw material rate is higher than the traditional wood plastic composite extrusion products, reduces the manufacturing cost, has the stronger market competitiveness; For reducing the amount of wood powder added and the addition of foaming agent, makes the molding of products are more smooth and detailed surface, can be used to more high-grade indoor and outdoor wood plastic products, broaden its application domain.
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