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The wood powder mould of influence

   Date:2016-04-20  Author:Admin  Views:204
 Originally, in the design of polyethylene/wood powder composite foam extrusion die, is a reference design method and structure of polyethylene foam die, after many experimental formula and die debugging, after finishing, sums up the following experience.

1 die design points
A) in polyethylene filled with wood powder, which makes the material flow of the whole performance is significantly reduced, so the die design to avoid flow paste or stairs caused a sharp change phenomenon;
B) in polyethylene filled with wood powder, make the compressibility of the material and from the mode expansion is reduced, so in the die design should reduce the compression ratio, generally take (1) 5 ~ (2) : 1, excessive compression ratio will only increase extrusion head pressure of the host;
2, when in the die structure design, should refer to the foaming mold structure, adopts the core within the hairstyle is advantageous to the products obtained the good appearance quality;
3, exports increase cooling in the die plate, make the products surface crust, can improve the surface hardness of the product.
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