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The bathroom PVC ceiling construction dragon frame assembly

   Date:2016-02-18  Views:616
For the convenience of installation, wooden keel can before hoisting shard patchwork on the ground.

(1) The shard selection

Determine the ceiling skeleton shard or on the surface of the position and size can be divided, according to the fragmentation of plane size selection keel vertical and horizontal profiles.

(2) Joining together

Splicing combination of keel frame, and then joining together small pieces of the partial skeleton. Splicing combination area is not too big for lifting.

(3) Choose of products

For cross section is 25mmx30mm of wooden keel, can choose the sold product concave side profile, such as to ensure the condole top quality and made of wood square field should be according to the center line on wood square distance 300mm digging deep 15mm and 25mm wide groove.
Skeleton splicing press groove method for groove bite spell, spelling a mouth glue and round nails fixed. Chemical glue can be used, such as phenolic resin adhesive, urine aldehyde resin adhesive and poly vinyl acetate emulsion,etc.

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