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The quality control of bathroom pvc ceiling construction material

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1. Joist

1) Wooden joist: wooden joist should use small deformation, not easy craze, and easy to processing of Korean pine, white pine or fir, dry wood, such as water content should be controlled within 12%, specification according to the design requirements for processing.

2) Light steel joist: light steel joist( including crane accessories, connectors) is made of galvanized steel strip after cold bending or stamping, its size should comply with the design requirements, quality of accessories should comply with the regulations on the current national or industry standard and product quality certification. Technical indicators should meet the appendix “ used in light steel joist” (GB/T11981-2001)

3) Aluminum alloy joist: size should comply with the design requirements, profile should have product certificate, and powerful learning performance test report. imported material should be the state administration for commodity inspection certificate.

4) Installation of cover panel fasteners, appropriate USES galvanized products, derrick, embedded parts and brick wood preservative should be done.

2. The cover panel

1) All kinds of cover panel should not have bubbles, peeling, crack, lack of Angle, dirt and design defects such as incomplete, surface should be smooth, edge should be neat, color should be consistent. Perforated plate pitch should be arranged neatly.

2)The quality of all kinds of cover panels shall be comply with the provision of the existing national standard or industry standards, product approach should provide certificate of quality.

3.caulking materials

The type of adhesive, sealing materials should be chosen according to the variety of cover panel form a complete set, the preparation of adhesive, its mixing ratio should be determined by test.

4 Fire retardant coating

Should have product certificate and operation instruction.

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