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WPC Equipment Process Problem Analysis

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一.raw material---how to improve the compatibility of the interface between plastic and wood fober

our company have a search for long time, sums up the different plant fiber processing method of the interface, such as: wood powder, bamboo powder, rice bran, peanut shells, bagasse, cotton stem, corn stalk, straw, and processing methods, such as milk box, has received the good effect. According to the customer request to provide technological formula.

二. feeding, swing, plasticizing, scattered

1.charging problem: our company adopts two measurement precision feeding machines, for feeding respectively, make sure to feed the accurate. Prevent because the proportion of different, and uneven loading problem.

2.Effectively waved off(i.e., remove moisture), azusa powder in the system of the communist party of china mixed dispersion :our company adopts the synthetic parallel double screw, set up multiple waved off to remove moisture exhaust, using the same parallel twin-screw extruder mixing and plasticizing and good dispersion characteristics, redesign of barrel and screw elements to produce wood plastic. Using the parallel twin-screw modular principle, and then processing plants and different plastic fiber change thread element combination, can be realized, wide application range.

3.Set the appropriate extrusion temperature and establish enough pressure to ensure product performance:

In order to solve the problem of pressure, we use the single screw, for you fill the lack of parallel twin screw pressure  build up.

We use PLC in process control, make the host and tractor adopts closed-loop control, to avoid the host speed and traction speed mismatch problem. The intelligent temperature control table or PLC temperature control.

三.forming die design and after heating technology:

Mold is the wood plastic extrusion rate and product quality of bottle  diameter, over the past few years we in the mold design and manufacturing has accumulated rich experience, such as; Hollow products;How to design the flow path, solid produc compression ratio much;How wide plate mold design, and so on.

Now my company equipment the speed of extrusion products is relatively high.Cooling finalize the design according to the different profiles, choose different cooling ways.
5, granulation equipment:

Parallel twin-screw granulating device (1).Synthetic advantage of parallel double screw equipment Two measuring feeding machine, wood powder and plastic feeding respectively, ensure feeding accuracy.Make the wood powder and plastic fully mixing, dispersion, baggage, and a good connection,

so as to guarantee the quality of products. Avoided due to plasticand wood powder density difference Big, produced in the process of loading a layered phenomenon, and affect the quality of the product.(1) the use of special design of the screw element, make the wood powder and plastic conveying and mixing plasticizing effect is good.(2) the use of special vent, remove the residual moisture in wood powder, ensure the quality of the product.

(3) with large length to diameter ratio (bound), make the barrel heating temperature is low, prevent the wood powder carbide;

Make water out more fully;Mixing effect is better.(4) special head design, ensure uniform cut grain, and reliable.(5) special thread element material, long service life.

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