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The operation of wpc equipment maintenance

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1.After startup is not allowed to run idle for a long time, so as not to scratch the screw and barrel.

2. Guarantee the clean of raw material, beware of metal debris or other hard parts such as screw into the feeding mouth, damage the screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel.

3. To guarantee the continuous feeding, feeding in the feed hopper must have sufficient for this material, when can’t ensure that continuous feeding, to immediately stop, it is strictly prohibited in the empty car running in the absence of any material.

4. After new extrusion machine start working for hours, should to grow triangle, to avoid slippage.

5. Continuous long-term operation of the machine, to check the lubrication of each part and temperature rise on time, attention to the working of the equipment, if any abnormal situation should immediately stopping the machine and check it.

6. If power failure production process, the main rotating wheel and heating to stop, when to restore power to heat the barrel paragraph to set temperature thermal insulation for a period of time before you start.

7.After processing screw out of a difficulty, can use a spiral screw separator. Can not use the hammer, so as not to damage the screw.

8. Extruder used after 500h, can have the gear reducer in the oil mill of scrap iron and other impurities, to clean the gear change reducer lubricating oil at same time, after the oil change according to instructions stipulated time, general check once a year of reducer abrasion of gears, bearings, seals, badly worn parts needs to be changed in time.
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