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Diagram of ecological wood ceiling installation method

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Ceiling series------150 Great Wall board smallpox (wall board for ceiling)design

150 Great Wall board compact, installing a ceiling panel using footprint area is small, make visual effect more perfect, protuberant part to increase the top can view and admire a gender, make the product more stereo effect.
Ceiling series—137 Great Wall board smallpox installation

First according to the design scheme of pay-off stand, install the wire steel hanger, installation of light steel keel, pay-off leveling keel, keel leveling installed base plate, the plate can be used to 5mm, 9mm of multilayer plywood, to enhance the power that grasp a hammer and lining board installation is complete, according to article 137 the thickness of the wall plate installed edge horn line, commonly used article edge horn line L borders, horn line installation is complete and then install 137 Great Wall plate, according to the first board design plan to start the installation, the first plate is very important, must be installed straight, otherwise will influence the future installation. Pay-off straight after correction with galvanized anti-rust pneumatic nail gun. Follow the same method to install the rest, meet part of Yin and Yang Angle with the convergent Angle line. Closed Angle line have L board, Yang Angle line, binding off line, the smallpox horn line segment, and other products, according to the different profiles with different Angle line. Installed to the final piece, according to the size of the remaining cutting profiles, profiles cutting point is lower than the standard size 5mm, to keep enough clearance to install, the installation is complete clean surface.

Ceiling series—100*50 square timber instance analysis

The project of smallpox all use 100*50square timber and 120 tablet. First installation at the grass-roots level keel, according to the height of design positioning keel, leveling keel, keel leveling after the completion of the installation base plate, the use of this project is made of nine plywood lining board, in order to enhance the power that grasp a hammer. Lining board installation is complete, then install 100*50 square timber. Wood is a dedicated hardware accessories for fixed, first of all on work station pendant will be installed in the wood, distance cannot be more than one meter, the wood install line in the plate, according to the line with self-tapping screw to fix the wood on the lining board, wood fixed finish then install 120 tablets is placed above the diagonal side into the wood, bulldozed to move to the middle position, so that it can be exposed parts of lining board of the event. Install the rest in the same way.
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