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WPC material processing machines

   Date:2016-01-11  Author:Admin  Views:290

WPC is currently used in the manufacture of the matrix resin, mainly for PE, PVC, PP, PS and other raw material costs due to the new high, the general waste, recycled plastic instead. China recycled plastics lack of strict sorting, testing methods, could easily lead to the selected plastic waste mixed with small amounts of other varieties of plastic waste, it can not be subdivided. Therefore, many domestic manufacturers are using imported wood waste plastic recycling of HDPE etc. for wood production. In addition, the relationship between performance and the lack of a systematic study.

Because of limited material properties of metal, precision, equipment manufacturing costs and market prices, etc., the current domestic wpc processing equipment, there are still some problems, such as process yield is generally not high, the screw life is not long enough and so the displacement and other issues.

Wpc molding equipment by the first single-screw extruder has evolved into the second generation of conical twin-screw extruder, currently using more common but there are also many problems. Because wood flour, vegetable fiber is added a large amount of hard plastics resin wrapped in one, it requires equipment resistant to high back pressure gear box, screw pushing strong, excellent plasticizing performance. While the conventional conical twin-screw extruder screw is integral screw aspect ratio shorter residence time is short, it is difficult to achieve uniform mixing and dispersing with plastics material, such as a screw structure coupled with poorly designed, is likely to result barrel, screw wear, cracking until the final result in fracture. In the production of large-scale products this phenomenon is particularly prominenting  equipments

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