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WPC advantages and contribution to human beings

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WPC is treasure(eco-friendly, green, low-carbon,recycled

Wood plastic composite, also known as WPC, is booming at home and abroad in recent years, new composite materials, low-carbon, green, can be recycled. WPC both economical and environmentally friendly. WPC special contribution to the environmental aspects of economic performance in the following areas:

First: the protection of forest resources. 1 ton WPC 2.5 cubic meters of timber can be folded, it is probably on a fast-growing forest acres of land for one year the maximum amount of timber. Each uses one ton of wood-plastic materials, can reduce deforestation 1 acre of land. In line with the application of WPC material, which can effectively alleviate the shortage of forest resources conflicts.

Second: the recovery of rural straw and other reuse of a large amount of straw annually. According to statistics, every year about more than 700 million tons of straw to be treated, the comprehensive utilization rate of less than 10%, while the treatment is mostly burned, it will produce carbon dioxide emissions of more than 350 million tons, causing serious air pollution and greenhouse gas effect. Wood-plastic composites - applications that can mitigate the air pollution problems caused by burning waste straw. WPC is made of plant fibers and plastic composite material consisting of mixed material. Among them, the woody fibers such as sawdust, wood shavings, twigs tree branches, wood, bamboo and coconut shell and other debris, herbaceous fibers such as wheat straw, stalk, bran, soybean hulls, peanut shells, cotton stalks, sunflower stalks, bagasse, etc., are low value waste of natural resources, after screening, crushing, grinding and processing technology, it becomes wood wood raw material.

Third: The waste plastics recycling According to statistics, China's total annual waste plastic up to more than 70 million tons, waste plastics in 200 years to decompose after the completion of the landfill, and the decomposition process will generate toxic substances, causing soil damage; besides buried outside the manner of waste plastic waste is incinerated, which directly confuse other waste plastic garbage thrown into the garbage incinerator, but this approach is the most opposed to the residents nearby waste treatment plant, because the waste plastics However, the body will produce about carcinogenic dioxin gases. Garbage in the waste plastics in addition to burial, incineration and other treatment, but is recovered and reused. WPC just to solve a chronic problem of waste plastics recycling concerns of all walks of life, and WPC will undoubtedly make waste plastic found the best way, to a certain extent, ease the "white pollution" problem, wood-plastic composites - Products made of widely used in packaging, garden, transportation, construction, home improvement, travel and other interior spaces. Its fusion of the "wood" and "plastic" dual advantages, with environmental protection, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, pest control, fire-retardant, can be recycled and many other advantages, is a highly promising "low carbon, green, can cycle "products.

WPC, on the one hand, it can make life waste recycling, on the other hand, also created a corresponding social values, the economic environment can be described as a win-win. Green wood-plastic composite materials, environmentally friendly wood products are great strides toward us!
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