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Boat Maintenance Tips In Winter

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 There is similar hope for the boat owners all over. Winter normally snatches away their joy of water voyages. Their businesses too are affected. However, the same winter also provides them an opportunity to maintain and prepare their boats for profitable sailing in summer. Professional boat detailing experts therefore advise the owners to keep their most prized possession in pristine condition during winter for the long voyages ahead. the owner needs to store his boat for its winter hibernation and keep it ready in pristine condition for the long voyages ahead.
The best place for your boat to be during winter, is out of water and under cover in a dry and climate-controlled storage area. Docking the boat in water runs the risk of damage from ice during the harsh winter. Therefore, it is better to store it on land in dry place all through the difficult winter months.
In addition, one can find ‘step by step’ instructions and ‘how to’ suggestions everywher if you prefer to store and maintain the boat in your own backyard. In just seven easy steps, you can prepare your boat for winterization. However, before you begin, make a checklist of all the items necessary to perform the task and follow the steps given below as meticulously as possible.
(1)Haul the boat to your backyard, wash, and wax it thoroughly right after you take it out of the water. This will make it easier to clean the boat when you are ready to sail after winter.
(2)Now tilt the boat slightly back to allow all remaining water in the bilge to drain. Leave the plug out. Close valves in the hull and open the seacocks.
(3)Give a good blast with a pressure washer to the hull, outboard engine, linkages, aux engine props, rudders, decking etc and flush the engine.
(4)To avoid rust and internal damage, prepare the engine for winter storage. To do it, start and run it for a short while after adding fuel stabilizer to the fuel tanks. This is used to prevent fuel degradation over a long period of docking the boat during winter.
(5)Next, grease up linkages with marine grease and give its electrics a spray of water dispersing lubricant.
(6)Then, check the bilge pumps, float switches of the boat and see that they are not jammed. Charge and test its battery, clean terminals and check the fluid level. Inspect all the rubber components of the boat for any wear and tear and change them if necessary.
(7)Finally, keep the boat completely sheltered with a good quality shrink-wrap cover to protect it from the unwanted water elements and wildlife. Do not however forget to allow some air inside the covering through a small opening to avoid internal moisture build up. It can otherwise lead to mould and mildew during winter if vacuumed completely.

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