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Teak boat deck

   Date:2018-05-03  Views:1567
 In the past more than 10 years, teak boat deck has been often seen on high-priced yachts or sailboats over 50 feet in the US and Europe. It replaced the traditional non-skid deck. The teak deck looks more luxurious, even though it costs more expensive, but many yacht buyers like his yacht configuration.

Teak boat decks are installed on the main deck, walkways, stair treads, diving boards, etc. The deck line is a strip of teak wood with a certain thickness.make reasonable stitching on the deck,joints with professional vinyl to make black lines,remove excess black glue and make it smooth,teak boat deck construction is completed.
The teak boat deck must have experienced and professional technicians to do the perfect construction, except for the choice of basic teak strips, the application of special adhesives and the use of primers, and how the various shapes of the deck walkway diving board Making reasonable splicing and how to ensure the quality of teak decks are all very professional issues.
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