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Ecological wood have been used by more and more people

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 Now people home condole top, and the focus of ecological wood ceiling like. Ecological wood kinds condole top material, color and basic level structure, fixed way should fit the standard request; Cover panel and keel should connect closely, appearance should level off, can not have the pollution, the joint should be average differences, paste surface is about to take off the layer, plywood should be digging through; Placed the cover can not have leakage, using level meter copying out of line, repeated flatness, with a chalk line popup line, for part of the condole top room, ceiling, such as the original foundation, condole top is according to the degree of agreeable the canopy, should be in by the customer must ask for designers. Steel shrinkage should be within the slab joints as far as possible. Shall not use the wire for steel hanger. Steel shrinkage nut with wooden keel pressure.
Condole top special wooden keel, alloy keel below toes in ecological wood material utilization, using light steel keel span construction according to the information request. Steel structure to do anti-rust treatment. Wooden structure to do fire prevention treatment. Keel to do horizontal flat vertical; Do have exterior keel to line is fluent, average aperture, vertical parallel; Built-in parts, welding strong; Light steel keel to hang a device, distribute average, auxiliary keel must level off, the special keel and other top data, auxiliary vertical flat roof to, and agree with the level of practice and drawing request. Manufacturing roots keel position of lamps and lanterns, keel, canister light openings have toes in ceiling and absorb dome light should stop alone special barrel lamp fixtures and stents, suspension advocate the lamp should add steel contraction fixed. Light lamps and lanterns should be dedicated base units, weight is more than 3 kg or ceiling fans must not keel joint, should be on the hook. 
Ecological wood board now once adopted by more and more, it will give to what benefits are: ecological wood grasp on the "material saving, environmental protection, low carbon" design concept, abandon the consumption needed for melamine aggrandizement floor, 3 oxidation 2 and other difficult to dispose of, difficult to purify the polluting of the original data, reduce carbon emissions and pollution to the environment, with the international green environmental protection standard. Reduce the lignin molecules, on the other hand, the lively, curbed volatile and release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, make the harmful material inside the plate isolation with the outside world, reach the purpose of environmental protection household.
 Ecological wood floor performance outstanding, the floor base material adopts the technology of high density board, at the same time will be a new type of data in the average infiltration floor. Each part of the "balance" internal stress differences, dealing with the easy drying shrinkage is wet floor up, bend deformation of worldwide problem. base material exceed stable performance, and have environmental protection, utility at the same time. Spray adopting digital simulation technology, complete in accordance with the synchronization of real wood floor wood grain consumption technology, make floor shop real effect. Adjacent decorative pattern is not repeated, more show the rich change and administrative levels of real wood floor. Common "water-soluble interspersed with wood grain clarity, make the floor appearance and one hundred percent penetration into the base material, has the strong adhesion, insisted on the floor color bright, clear texture plane are strong at the same time, dealing with the floor, let fall and the discoloration of the sun.
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