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Floor of wood of healthy environmental protection gradually into the mainstream

   Date:2016-04-26  Author:Admin  Views:2039
 The floor is one of the important materials, interior decoration and a family to decorate the choice of the floor is related to the stand or fall of the whole household decorates. Now the floor market presents a real wood floor, solid mu fu joins a floor board, aggrandizement floor tripartite confrontation situation. Ecological wood floor appeared on the market, in a short period of time, although there will be no ecological wood floor "instead of" situation, but the ecological wood floor market prospects in the future.
It comes down to ecological wood floor is a lot of advantage, compared with other floor, ecological wood floor will bring more benefits to our life, what are the specific advantages, let's take a look at.
A, ecological floor of adhering to the "material saving, environmental protection, low carbon design concept
Ecological wood adhering to the "material saving, environmental protection, low carbon" design concept, abandon the melamine is used for the production of laminate flooring, 3 oxidation 2 aluminium and other difficult, difficult to purify the polluting raw materials, reduce carbon emissions and pollution to the environment, in line with international green environmental protection standard.
Ecological wood floor base material stable performance outstanding, the floor base material with a molding technology of high density board, at the same time will be a new type of fiber factor through the floor.
Ecological wood make the floor of each part of the internal stress equilibrium, to solve the easy drying shrinkage is wet floor up, bend deformation of worldwide problem. Reduce the lignin molecules, on the other hand, active degree, curbed volatile and release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, make the harmful material inside the plate isolation with the outside world, achieve the goal of household environment and environmental protection. Ecological floor base material performance is super stable, no crack, deformation, and with the function of environmental protection, health, at the same time.
Second, the ecological floor spray adopting digital simulation technology
Spray adopting digital simulation technology, fully in accordance with the synchronization of real wood floor wood grain production technology, make floor shop real effect. Don't repeat adjacent decorative pattern, more show of real wood floor is rich change and administrative levels.
Fork penetration "unique" water soluble * * wood clear technology make the floor surface, like 30 million pixels high quality effect, and one hundred percent penetration into the base material, has the strong adhesion, while keeping the floor color bright beautiful, texture clear stereo sense is strong, easy to solve the floor layer falls off and sun discoloration.
Ecological wood board although has many advantages, but all things can't be perfect, ecological wood floor has its defects. How to increase strength and to reduce the weakness, this is the art of each floor merchants the study. Ecological wood floor is the floor in the original basis, to design and color, design, specifications, production process and so on into the taste of Europe and the United States customs, new interpretations of classic fashion, have personalized expression of the original, full release, individuality, freedom, and comfortable demand will naturally gain market recognition.
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