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Wood powder content and the influence of foaming agent on the cost

   Date:2016-04-26  Author:Admin  Views:313
 In traditional wood plastic composite extrusion products, people is by increasing the content of wood powder to achieve the purpose of reduce the cost, because the price of the wood powder is only 300 ~ 600 yuan/t, in lower than the price of polyethylene, so more wood powder to join the more cost reduction;But the greater the amount of wood powder products, such as flexural strength and impact strength performance indicators, and let the flow of the material performance is greatly reduced, increased the extruder head pressure and extrusion power, puts forward higher requirements on equipment, also increase the cost accordingly.

While in polyethylene/wood powder composite foam products, we are adding wood powder and foam to reduce the cost of material, the role of the foaming agent in the section have already said, go,only 30%, the highest at the same time, because the wood powder content on the material liquidity into less than traditional wood plastic composite, the influence of the products forming difficulty is reduced, only common extrusion equipment can meet the demand of production, reduce the fixed assets investment;Because of good liquidity, but also reduce the rate of die head paste, make the production process more stable;Because wood powder content reduce, make product performance is better than traditional wood plastic composite, more can satisfy the use requirement.

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