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Shanghai WPC Landscape

  • Brand Name:Shanghai WPC Landscape
  • Company Name:Shanghai WPC Landscape Co., Ltd.
  • Homepage:http://www.wpc.net.cn/en/index.asp
  • Area:China / ShangHai
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  • Updated:2015-08-27
Brand Introduction
 Our company’s aim is to protect the limited forestry resources and our living environment.

As the pioneer in the industry of WPC which is a new green material in China, we have designed and built lots of WPC landscapes in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Henan, Jilin, Chongqing, Shandong, Yunnan, etc. For our wisdom and hard working, our products have been received lots of praises from our customers and the society. Some of our projects have been the marking architects in their places and also some of our products have been exported to USA, Taiwan, etc.

Our Shanghai WPC Landscape company was not only honored to take the WPC prototype designing project of 2008 Beijing Olympic Forestry Park and won the prize, also we were participate in the work which was drawing up the instructions of regulation and installation in the WPC project in Beijing Olympic Forestry Park. Since 2007, we have been working in the WPC project for 2010 Shanghai EXPO. In this project, we involve the WPC profiles in city landscapes-mobile green skillfully, and the effect is good.

Keep moving and progressing is our motive power for working. As the leader of the WPC industry in China, we are the supervisor and consultant in WPC association of Chinese Integrated Resource Association. And our projects have earned high recognitions for our engineering scale, quantity and effect. Now in our company we already have a professional team in design, installation and manufacture.

Our company’s developing have gone through 3 stages: first, we mixed the traditional arts with new materials, properly designed the WPC structures and some architect creations; secondly, we researched in the creep properties of WPC materials and popularized the application of new processing in manufacture and pushed up the level of the architect creations’ manufacturing process to the top among the world and thirdly we went back to Chinese traditions, to involve it in the design of architect creations with modern art concepts. And this does make the masterpieces be received more aesthetic appreciation among the customers.

Many Chinese Medias paid much attention to us and in their articles they approved our sprit of progressing. Lots of universities and institutes invited us to have lectures and wanted discuss with us. Also we are invited to establish the WPC national standards nowadays. Our company also has lots of national invention patents, our boss Mr. Gu have reported some professional WPC papers in WPC industry annual meeting every year since several years ago and he received lots of praises from the professional persons among the WPC areas in China.

Lastly, we are so willing to cooperate with you in the areas of making efforts in popularizing and developing the Chinese WPC industry and building a harmony society.
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