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Beijing Oriens

  • Brand Name:Beijing Oriens
  • Company Name:Beijing Oriens Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Homepage:http://www.oriensmetal.com/
  • Area:China / BeiJing
  • Views1353
  • Updated:2015-08-27
Brand Introduction
 Established in 1989, Oriens Technology Co, Ltd. is specialized in precision metal Investment Casting (lost wax) parts, with wide-range production lines cover all kinds of ferrous material including stainless steel, carbon steel, high alloy steel,& Copper,Aluminium and Zinc as our core production capabilities. Beside investment castings, metal stamping, sand casting,die casting,forging ,plastic injection are also our business. Currently the industries we have been servicing include Marine hardware,Furniture hardware,Automobile, Agriculture, Mechanic-Electric, Hardware& tools ,etc. We are exploring new market and looking for customers. As one of the largest exporter and supplier of metal parts in China.Nowadays, the production capacity of Oriens is about 2,500 tons ferrous and non-ferrous casting,500 tons stampings per year, most of which are exported to oversea markets. 

For over twenty years, Oriens has built a reputation for producing investment casting,me
tal stamping,and plastic injection with the highest efficiency and quality.Our customers receive the best value with high quality competitively priced products and excellent delivery times. As a specialist for customers’ special requirements ,we increase the production flow in your company. 
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